End User Responsibilities

Change User to Administrator - the district policy has changed and we are now making all teachers "Local Administrator" of their machine. Previously teachers were "Power Users" and limited in the ability to install software and other functionality. By making the user a "Local Administrator", teachers will now have full functionality of the computer. As part of this full functionality, teachers "can" load software, but district policy continues to state that ALL software, including software from the Internet, must be approved by the District Technology Coordinator. This includes software that comes with texts. Be aware that as a "Local Administrator", teachers will be expected to know how any software installed affects the settings to the computer. Teachers will also be held fully responsible and liable if they choose to ignore district software and piracy guidelines.

This means, if a teacher installs some software that overwrites or changes some of the initial setting on the computer that are needed to run daily and district critical programs and making them not work properly, the teacher may be without the computer for an indefinite period of time, until the CTU has the opportunity to rebuild the computer.